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Howdy! Content Creation Got You Down?

The PLR Authority Is Here To Help! Do you write articles and feel like you’ve missed your mark? Or are you just too busy to create fodder for the search engines? Believe me, you’re not alone. PLRAuthority to the rescue!

Motivation & Empowerment with Spyntax!

Need some new content for that self improvement blog? How about a dating site? Check out our motivational and self-empowerment offerings here! For more click here.

  • Law Of Attraction PLR w/SPYNTAX

    Law Of Attraction PLR w/Spyntax

    5 Articles with their Spyntax copies about Law of Attraction and Manifestation.

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  • Dating 5-Pack PLR w/SPYNTAX

    Dating 5-Pack PLR w/Spyntax

    5 Articles with their Spyntax copies about Dating, Online Dating and Helping Your Love Life.

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  • Leadership Skills PLR

    Leadership Skills PLR

    5 Articles about Leader and Empowered Leadership.

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PLRAuthority? Who What Why?

I'm Pat Sava and I've teamed up with a fellow colleague, Erika L Rich, to lend a helping hand and bring you quality content at a price you can't pass up.

Each article we offer on PLRAuthority will be about 400-500 words in length. Each article will be bundled in convenient Packs and although each Pack size may vary, you’ll always get a great value. We will also offer special bonus Packs where, by golly, you'll get a heck of an Ace High deal! So keep your eyes peeled.

This is content creation at the push of a button people! Our article packs will give you everything you need for your blog posts and article marketing campaigns. Even cool content for newsletters and ebooks.

Mr Pappa GeorgioYou will have a tough time getting unique content anywhere else for such a steal. So take advantage while the offer stands, because you never know when it may skedaddle.

Thanks so much for your business. 'Tis very much appreciated.

Pat Sava
The PLR Authority

  • PLR 5-Pack with Spyntax

    Business PLR with Spyntax!

    We all know how tedious Spyntax is so what better than PLR content with ready to go Spyntax!? Each Spyntax pack has 5 articles with their Spyntax mates. You can use the Spyntax as is, or even spyn it a little deeper, change some sentences up, the options are all yours. We've got several packs set to go, so come on in and take a look!

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Psychology PLR w/SPYNTAX

Psychology 5-Pack w/Spyntax{|}!

Good Credit 5-Pack w/SPYNTAX

Good Credit 5-Pack w/Spyntax{|}!


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