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After building nearly a dozen
multi-million dollar web sites...
Totaling $31.4 million dollars in sales...
Nearly all with 100% FREE TRAFFIC...
Bring The Fresh Brings YOU
The Solution to SEO and
EASY Top Ten Search Engine Rankings!

Bring the Fresh is an incredible Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Ranking method brought to you by Mike Long and Kelly Felix. Mike Long and Kelly Felix together have created over $30 MILLION dollars worth of online marketing businesses!

You may recognize the name "Kelly Felix" as the guy behind “The Rich Jerk” program (or you may recognize him as a guest star on Buffy The Vampire Slayer – but that’s another story!).

Mike Long has worked behind the scenes with all of the big names on several product launches (John Reese Traffic Secrets, Million Dollar Day, StomperNet – etc, etc).

Well now these two have come out from behind the scenes to share with you – with us – with all of us, the secrets to their success!

Watch this:

After watching the video we were pretty impressed with these guys. Kelly and Mike definitely know what they’re talking about. It’s also pretty obvious that they are very successful and are really great internet marketers.

For even MORE great information about their SEO Methods and successful website ranking techniques watch this video:

The only thing we can say at the point is WOW! We can’t believe these guys are going to open up their entire businesses to the world like that.

From all of the terrible courses and failed attempts at learning internet marketing people may have suffered through in the past, these guys were doing something special and truly unique that will make you jump for joy.

How many millionaires do know that will invite you into their home and show you their entire business for the past 10 years?

Warning: Unconventional Methods

Listen, we've gotta warn you, these guys are outside of the box of the online marketing world.

They have been totally "underground" for the last three years developing Bring the Fresh. And even before that they were two of the most mysterious and exciting online marketers in the world.

So their techniques aren't pulled from the forums or rehashes of the same-old-same old.

This stuff Works! Maybe too well?

It just seems a shame when some folks struggle so hard and some folks have it so much easier... and the only difference between them is a little of the right 'know how' and education.

Here's even more PROOF This Works

This stuff isn't as hard as so many make it out to be. In fact even some of the beginners and newbies are even passing up the pros!


Ever hear of Mike Swanson? He's a guy who paid a bunch of moolah for professional SEO advice and do you know what he ended up with? Very little results and a lot of headaches.

But when he heard about Bring the Fresh, Mike said this little voice inside of his head told him that there was something different this time.

Mike Swanson began with zero search engine results. Then two weeks after getting Bring the Fresh and putting it to use, Mike went from ranking nowhere to #6 for the phrase "oil stocks" on Google. A few days later he was #4.

The end result?

He made it to #1

A week later he was #1 for a search phrase with 100,000 searches per month and if he were paying for the flood of visitors he was getting on Google's sponsored listings it would cost him between $3.50 and $5.50 for every last click.

Mike Swanson Uses Bring The Fresh for SEO and High Ranking

But Mike Swanson didn't stop there! Would you?

What he did next was pretty gutsy...

Next he went after a "Monster search term" - Stock Trading, which gets 4 MILLION searches every month with an average cost of nearly $15 dollars PER CLICK if he were to buy that traffic on Google Adwords.

Last time we checked Mike Swanson was ranked in the top 10 for Stock trading.

STOCK TRADING!! How powerful is that?!

Mike Swanson's now getting traffic that would cost over $12,000 PER DAY on Google Adwords!

When You Download Bring The Fresh
You'll Receive These Immediate Benefits...

  • How to get started quickly. Use the Market Research Shortcut and get instant guidance on a starving crowd waiting for you. You CAN select the best market for YOU, pre-loaded with lucrative products to promote, within minutes! (Fast Forward Video part 1)
  • Want to get ranked fast? Discover the TELL TALE clues that valuable real estate on Google is ripe for the plucking and we don't care what the gurus and their fancy software says. This is all you need to look for PERIOD!
  • Worried about competition? How to fight fire with fire. Inside this magic bag you will discover dirty tricks businesses use to steal your customers. How to neutralize the power these businesses have over your customers by understanding the ONE THING your customer craves more than money, sex, food, or travel. Savvy folks that take advantage of this powerful but little known trick outperform others that don't 6 to 1! (Fast Start Workbook Page 12)
  • The fastest and shortest path (bar none) to race up Google's rankings, and to stay on top for good. This is so counter-intuitive it never occurs to even the biggest businesses. (Fast Forward Video 2)
  • The Leapfrog Technique to quickly get high-powered links that Google instantly recognizes and values, flowing back to your site to give you an unfair advantage in the rankings. No expensive software or buying links required (Fast Forward Video 2)
  • Use this To Kill Two Birds With One Stone tip for writing to juice your Google search rankings and to convert visitors into customers. We are shocked that most websites online struggle because they don't know this. Slash time and frustration by doing this one thing before you sit down to write, or before you even think about spending a single dime to have somebody else to type a single word for you! (Fast Start Workbook Page 7)
  • Step by step Search Engine Rankings hand-holding guide. This is the nothing-left-out, super simple to understand 1-2-3 formula that so many Bring the Fresh customers have followed to dance up Google's rankings to page 1 of the rankings. Even for keywords with thousands or MILLIONS of searches per month in markets where Google's sponsored rankings would cost ten dollars or more PER CLICK. (Fast start workbook Page 17)
  • Outsourcing is a big fad. But is it really right for you? Here's the surprising reason why Kelly and Mike have absolutely zero employees and rarely use any outsourcers to build even 7-figure web sites! Hint: it's not just because of profit but also for speeding up success immensely. (Basic Training Recording #5)
  • Brain Hack: The only convincing technique that you'll ever need. And it boils down to just one word that drives persuasion. How and why to use this "power word" to get what you want in business including getting customers to buy and getting high value links to your sites! Quickly and easily! Like ANYTHING, this can be used for good or bad. Once you own Bring the Fresh you will possess the power to PERSUADE anyone. Please use responsibly! (Basic Training Recoding #4)
  • The Instant Rank Technique - This is "Search Engine Judo" and will use your competitions work to vault you up the rankings. Kelly figured this out years ago and started using it to rank for terms like "Bad Credit" which he sat on top of for 3-years running! You must know this technique because it still works today and If you don't then there is almost no defense against it. (Basic Training Recording #7)
  • How to convert visitors into buyers! Exactly when to go for the sale. Most web sites get this completely wrong. You will speed up the process immensely armed with this information. Hint: The great majority of web sites destroy their chances because they ask customers to "reach for their wallets" before they do this. (Basic Training Recording #14)
  • Use this market research shortcut to identify "starving crowds" that nobody else has jumped on yet and that will uniquely juice YOU tapping into your own passion and excitement. It may be corney to say "listen to your heart" but this is the way that Kelly has conjured up several 7-figure websites. (Behind The Scenes Video #3)
  • How to use Meta Strategies to sprint forward with your web site and to have sustained success when some new change comes through Google that knocks your competition on their rear ends. A meta strategy is a lot like getting much faster and stronger than the other guy when you're playing sports they may have more experience or know-how but it just doesn't matter while you are kicking their butt! (Fast Start Workbook Page 5 and Fast Start Video.)
  • Exactly what to do to get un-stuck. Follow these instructions and it will be easy as pie because instead of a frustrating headache. This works nearly every time and it's 100% free. WARNING: 95% of the cost, anxiety and frustration that folks feel in building profitable websites comes from NOT doing this. (Basic Training Recording #7)
  • Put this on your blog to get rapid results with Google AND with turning the visitors that Google sends to your site into buyers. (Why every blog doesn't do this is beyond me because it's so simple that it's almost harder not to do!) (Fast Forward Video 2)
  • And a WHOLE LOT MORE!...

Can you imagine what it would be like to...

Discover all you'll ever really need to know about Google and other search engines to profit over and over and over... and without all the complicated mumbo jumbo too!

Feel a little like you're a kid in a candy store once you own the skill to identify market after market after market, as they'll seem to come alive for you, and you start to see opportunity where others don't.

Turn minimum visitors into maximum dollars.

Finally prove to the wife or hubby that you CAN do this internet marketing thing!

Feel the thrill of seeing YOUR websites and blogs at the top of Google... many times within' days! (WARNING - You're heart will most certainly race the first time this happens!)

But hold them horses...

Mike and Kelly not only share with you the last ten years of success they've enjoyed and boil it down in simple to understand concepts...but you'll also go totally underground with them and benefit from their years of research and development... all from the comfort of your home.

But here's what else they are going to do for you...

Your Annihilation Engine BONUS. Follow along as Mike walks you through 21.2 MILLION dollars worth of website conversions that he's created both with articles, email, web pages and advanced video marketing that is on the bleeding edge. Could this be worth the price of admission by itself?

Your "1-Article to Rule Them All Bonus". What if you could write a single article, without paying a single outsourcer and without blowing a gasket in your head and have it turn into thousands if not a million or more totally unique and captivating articles?

Mike's figured out exactly how to do just that...

and he'll show you exactly how he did it and how you can easily duplicate his results! (Mike is currently getting thousands of visitors a month to his sites using this strategy with no cost other than registering a web site and wiring in cheap web hosting! )

Your "Markets of Millions Bonus". Kelly takes you inside exactly how he chooses markets and he gives you loads and loads of markets to choose from! For instance, in one video Kelly actually showed the site he selected with 1,000,000 searches per year and how he's now got the top position for that keyword in a HEAD LOCK and he did it WITHOUT BUYING LINKS!

Peak Inside the Forum to See What Customers Are Saying

Not only do you get everything we've talked about so far above, but you also get access to a SUPER community of marketers that have been following Bring The Fresh Methods for months now and reaping the rewards from their efforts. This community REALLY is like no other. Everyone is helpful, friendly and even fully discloses their trials and erros, AND successes!

Many say the Members Forums alone!!
is worth the price of admission to Bring The Fresh!!!


BUT HEY! Don't decide today!

That's right... Just try Bring The Fresh... join and take it for a test drive for 2 weeks. Put even a fraction of what they show you to use and we bet you'd never dream of handing over your membership without a fight.

But if you don't have the same experience or love all the sweet information they share, and the community of people that are helping each other day in and day out, then Kelly and Mike have made it so there is no risk on your behalf!

"Bring the Fresh" comes with an iron clad guarantee so there is no risk to you.

Join Bring the Fresh and if you don't have at least one top 10 site within 14 days... or you are not absolutely delighted for any reason... Just let them know and you'll receive a prompt and courteous refund.

Sound fair?

Get Instant Access!

24 Hours A Day - 7 Days A Week - 365 Days A Year!

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